EPE'23 ECCE Europe: Focus Topic 5 - Cyber Security in Power Electronics

Chair: Subham SAHOO, Aalborg University, Denmark
Co-Chair: Kevin HERMANNS, PE-Systems GmbH, Germany

Digitalization of power electronics and systems has unraveled an evolving landscape of man-made threats in the form of cyber attacks. This demands an orchestration of innovative design considerations for the next-generation power electronics to react against such threats. To enable a secure energy revolution, interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and research efforts are needed to bridge the gap between information security and operational security for power electronics. Innovative technologies such as digital twins, embedded security, quantum technologies, data patch management, cryptology, resilient controllers, fault isolation and restoration are some of the potential topics that will be the highlight of this focus topic. Besides innovation, technology transfer and academia-industry collaboration in this field remains limited due to involvement of critical asset data. Such topics will be discussed thoroughly in the roundtable discussion between industry panelists for future insights going forward.


The programme is under development and will be announced in due course.

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