EPE'23 ECCE Europe: Focus Topic 2 - Energy Islands

Chair: Xiongfei WANG, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Co-Chair: Jun Bum KWON, Energinet, Denmark

Europe has set ambitious goals to address energy security challenges by exploiting offshore wind energy. By 2050, at least 260 GW of offshore wind farms will be deployed in the North Sea, accounting for 85% of the EU’s current target of 300 GW. To facilitate the large-scale integration of offshore wind into future energy systems, Energy Islands are being constructed and commissioned by 2030. These islands will interconnect several GWs of new offshore wind farms with high-voltage transmission grids and use electrolyzers to convert offshore wind into renewable hydrogen.

Power electronics is a foundational technology for Energy Islands. It enables not only efficient direct-current transmission of offshore wind power but also cost-effective production of hydrogen. Hence, power-electronic-based, sector-coupled energy systems will be built on Energy Islands. This Focus Topic aims to provide a venue for exchanging latest technologies and challenges in developing Energy Islands. The Focus Topic will consist of a series of tutorials, technical sessions, and an industrial forum for inspiring discussions.


The programme is under development and will be announced in due course.

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