Planning Vendor Sessions – Thursday 7 September 2023

Vendor session area in Fundamentet

11:10 – 11:25

ZES Zimmer Electronic Systems GmbH

Innovative and Precise Power Analysis Solutions to enhance Electromobility Advancement
Patrick Fuchs – Business Development Manager

The future certainly does not question cars, but having sustainable and economic transport. In the context of sustainability, energy conservation, resource preservation, and decarbonization, electromobility consistently remains a driving factor, presenting engineers both today and tomorrow with distinct challenges. This presentation illuminates these challenges and outlines how innovative and dedicated power analysis solutions and functionalities we provide support engineers to fully tap into the optimization potential of their respective products or systems. Measuring the electrical efficiency of the drive train and identifying possibilities to reduce power losses are the pivotal feedback variables, which are indispensable as inputs in the closed-loop of a testing setup to enhance system advancements. In essence, precise efficiency measurement of components and overall systems, identification and breakdown of power losses across the frequency spectrum, characterization and longevity measurements, verification of analytical simulation models, simultaneous capture of fundamental, narrowband, and wideband spectra, post-measurement analysis of raw data, and efficient integration into test bench environments are aspects we intend to introduce. Beyond the power electronics organism of electric vehicles, we also delve into measurements of peripheral systems in E-mobility, such as certification testing of charging stations and more.

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Comprehensive solutions for developing and testing power electronics controls
Julian Saele

13:10 – 13:25


Electronic and Semiconductor Testing for Failure Detection with Thermography (active/Lock-in and passive) in HD Resolution
Dipl.-Wi-Inform. (FH) Torsten König, Project Manager Thermography Systems

The thermographic inspection of electronic materials is an established test procedure for quality assurance and process optimisation – from the development of first prototypes to serial production. InfraTec developed a modular automated test bench for electronic and semiconductor testing – ELIT. Based on Lock-In Thermography this solution is especially designed for the use in R&D as well as for quality tests in production. With different hardware and software functions E-LIT fulfils all requirements in precision and accuracy, which are needed. With its resolution of up to (1,920 x 1,536) IR-pixels it enables the detection of smallest failures on electronic and semiconductor devices.

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