EPE'23 ECCE Europe: Focus Topic 3 - Energy-storage technologies

Chair: Daniel-Ioan STROE, Aalborg University, Denmark
Co-Chair: Julia KOWAL, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Energy storage technologies (for example lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen, supercapacitors etc…) are key enablers of the transition to a greener society. Improvements in their performance behavior and their energy and power management when integrated into various applications (for example electric vehicles, grid storage, satellites, and so on…) are further required to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the users.


Keynote Speaker:

Søren Dahl

Wednesday, 6 September 2023 – Time: 08:30 – 09:00
Plenary Room

Related Tutorial:

Tutorial 01
Monday, 4 September
(14:00 – 17:30)

Location: AKKC
Room: 1.05 Møllen

Dedicated Lecture Session:

LS3a - Topic 11: Focus Topic 3 - Energy Storage Technologies

Wednesday 6 September - 10:00 - 11:00 - Plenary Room

0265 – Modelling of Large Volume Expansion of Silicon Batteries using an Optimum Incremental Potential Theorem
Hamzeh Beiranvand, Jan Dittmann, Jan-Ole Stern, Sandra Hansen,
Rainer Adelung, Stephan Wulfinghoff
KIEL UNIVERSITY & Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS)

 0287 – Open-Circuit Voltage Characterization of Microporous Silicon Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Hamzeh Beiranvand, Sahil Shingote, Ashwin Shejwalkar, Jan-Ole Stern,
Monja Gronenberg, Rainer Adelung, Stephan Wulfinghoff
KIEL UNIVERSITY, Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS) & BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus

0406 – A Model Predictive Control Approach for Lithium-ion Capacitor Optimal Charging
Pankaj Saha, Mahdi Soltani, Stig Munk-Nielsen, Daniel-Ioan Stroe
Aalborg University

Industrial Forum:

Industrial Forum 3

Energy-storage Technologies

Wednesday 6 September 2023: 17:00 – 18:10
Location: 1.01 Banen

Chairman: Daniel-Ioan STROE, Aalborg University, Energy Department, Denmark
Co-Chairman: Julia KOWAL, Technical University Berlin, Germany

Confirmed Panellists:

      • Søren Dahl (Topsoe)
      • Søren Juhl (Advent Energy)
      • Jasmin Arifagic (Beyonder)
      • Jonas Kehr (Hitachi Energy)

Related Technical Visit:

  • Friday, 8 September 2023

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